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Juvia’s pictures of Gray-sama taken from her unofficial pre-wedding book (x)

Fairy Tail (2014) Episode 15 | Anime vs. Manga

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What I wanna know is why Juvia’s foot is in that place!? ;A;

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I'm sorry, everyone. I was about to forget something important.
I won't die! 


"I can see him. Losing hope again in front of the calamity..."


photos of my dancer morgiana from fanime!! tumblr seriously butchered the quality but i’m in love with this set _(:3」∠ )_

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We came to pick you up, lady. Your guild is Sabertooth.

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I can cry later... now, to save my friends, I've gotta fight! 

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partners in crime ✖ black steel & blue fairy

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Erza Scarlet chapter 388

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I remember…